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Consumer demand is the driving force to the long chain practiced by entrepreneurs known as business to business.Consider the clothes that we purchase from a shop. The garments follow a long chain before lastly landing into our hands. The customer is the initiator of the demand. The material is first woven before being machined into a fabric.The process does not end there because the garment has to be packed and also distributed through different channels until we finally access them from a shop. In business to business, the need for one item results to the require for another thing thereby following the law of derived demand. Each business purchases products in order to sell them to another business but not straight to the customer.

Entrepreneurs buy products from other business improves the product, then trade them with another business firm and the same procedure continues and ends when the user receives the item.B2b is mainly concerned with satisfying the wants of another business. Each business person desires to generate profit and therefore the business chain must continue flowing. You should know that when one enterprise fails to deliver, it will, in turn, have failed many more enterprises in B2B. You should apply the following steps to keep the B2B learning. Make maximum use of the website by offering more content and videos for the customer to read and watch. Make sure your supply team is ready in case the customer makes an order.

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